A photo of Andrew O'Desky

Andrew O'Desky

Princeton University - Department of Mathematics

About Me

I am a Postdoctoral Research Fellow and Lecturer at Princeton University, partially supported by the National Science Foundation.

My research interests are in number theory and algebraic geometry.

Publications and Preprints

On trace-one generators of tamely ramified abelian cubic fields
On monic abelian trace-one cubic polynomials
with Shubhrajit Bhattacharya
Configuration spaces, graded spaces, and polysymmetric functions
with Asvin G
Derangements and the p-adic incomplete gamma function
Transactions of the AMS 376 (2023), no. 2, 1065–1087
Functions with integer-valued divided differences
Journal of Number Theory 234 (2022), 179–199
Minimal flag triangulations of lower-dimensional manifolds
with Christin Bibby, Mengmeng Wang, Shuyang Wang, Ziyi Zhang, Hailun Zheng
Involve: a Journal of Mathematics 13-4 (2020), 683–703
Super vertex algebras, meromorphic Jacobi forms and umbral moonshine
Journal of Algebra 515 (2018), 389–407

Other Writing

Hodge numbers of birational Calabi--Yau varieties via p-adic Hodge theory
Lecture notes (Fall 2023)
An introduction to F-crystals
Lecture notes (Fall 2022)
Fourier analytic aspects of Bhargava's proof of van der Waerden's Conjecture
Lecture notes (Fall 2022)
Bhargava's proof of van der Waerden's Conjecture
Seminar notes (Spring 2022)
The Orbit Intersection Problem and Polynomial Functions
Thesis (2020)